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Please see below for questions frequently asked about Solutions Physical Therapy and the mobile physical therapy model.  If you have a question that isn't addressed below, please feel free to call at (802) 316 - 8583, send us a chat in the bottom right corner of your web browser, or send an email to

  • How does mobile physical therapy work?
    Mobile physical therapy is in-home therapy, where the physical therapist comes to you in your house. It is not home health physical therapy, meaning that you do not have to be homebound to qualify for services.
  • Does mobile physical therapy cost more than going to a clinic?
    No, mobile physical therapy has always been built into all major insurance plans, including Medicare, and is available to you at no additional cost compared to going to a typical physical therapy clinic. We promise, there are no hidden costs or fees - just the same copay you would typically pay (if any).
  • I'm currently getting home health, but want more visits. Can Solutions see me, too?"
    Solutions Physical Therapy cannot see patients currently being treated by home health services. This is due to a legal requirement that all home health recipients be homebound and receive therapy services only from the home health provider. If the patient were to see another physical therapist, their insurance may refuse to cover their home health any further. Solutions Physical Therapy can see patients recently discharged from home health who wish to continue with in-home services, however.
  • I was just discharged from home health. Can Solutions see me?
    Yes, as long as you have been discharged from home health services, Solutions can see you as a patient.
  • Don't I need a gym with proper equipment to get stronger or healthier?
    Absolutely not! Although a gym is a great option for strengthening for many people, any exercise that can be performed at a gym can be adapted to be performed at home. If you're worried about not having the proper equipment, don't worry - you probably already have a lot of what you already need. Many household items can be stand ins for weights, and Solutions can provide you with resistance bands if needed. Solutions also has plenty of specialized equipment available for use during physical therapy sessions. Overall, we think the best thing about training at home is that this is where most of us do most of our living and where we need to be the most functional - so getting in and working in your environment gives us a chance to optimize your functioning where it matters the most.
  • I would like to set up an evaluation, but it doesn't look like Solutions takes my insurance. What do I do?"
    Please contact Solutions directly for specific advice on your situation. We may be able to advise you on available out of network benefits (which sometimes have lower copays for physical therapy than in network benefits) or, depending on your time frame, we may be able to get in-network with your insurance company.
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